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Can’t wait to see my family again! And heading to “The Grove” for Ole Miss v Alabama! @sarahbethhughes @jessicaahughes 1 week ago / 0 notes
Can’t wait to see my family again! And Ole Miss v Alabama! 😄 @sarahbethhughes  @jessicaahughes 1 week ago / 0 notes
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you are my sunshine


my only sunshine


you make me happy


when skies are gray


you’ll never know dear


how much i love you


please dont take


my sunshine away


this is the most beautiful post i have ever seen I’m my life

This makes me a happy Irish man

This is beautiful

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A living legend.

It looks like Obama has a bad ass ponytail.
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Dear Jack,
Hey there, I'm Brooke, a sophomore in college and I live in the live music capital and capital of Texas in the great hippie city of Austin. The only thing you really need to know about me is my favorite thing: music and my love for photography... If you have any other questions about me, I have quite an interesting life and don't mind telling all, so ask away! I like several genres but mainly listen to alternative rock/indie/piano/acoustic. My favorite artist for years has been Andrew McMahon from when he was with Something Corporate to his newer project, Jack's Mannequin. Other favorite artist include: John Mayer, Jack Johnson, and the list goes on. And on to photography... It's been my hobby since I was 11. I've improved a lot but have never had a professional camera. I do have one that's a Nikon N70 film, but none of those photos are shown on here, they will be soon though. All of the pictures I blog on here that aren't "reblogged" are taken by me. Most likely with my phone with an automatic photoshopping app in the android market call fxcamera, it's cool and I recommend people to get it. Well, anyway I have a couple of pictures taken with my canon digital camera, and yes, I take a picture several times before it comes out right. Some of them come out perfect the first time with luck. And there's a few pictures from random places because I travel a lot around the country and western hemisphere, I've yet to visit the eastern! Enjoy my blog and please tumblr follow me;) Love you all!!!
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